Coaching questions

Coaching tools that will unleash your motivation to learn english

Complete the sentence:

"I could double my level of english if..." 

"I could cut my time in this area by 30 percent if only..."

"I could be the best in english if I..."

Then think of as many ways to complete that sentence as possible.

QUESTIONS for you:

  1. What do want you accomplish in your learning in the next 3 months?
  2. What do want you accomplish in your learning in the next 6 months?
  3. What do want you accomplish in your learning in the next 12 months?
  4. What do want you accomplish in your learning in the next 24 months?


  1. Why is it important to you at the moment?
  2. What challenges are you struggling with at the moment?
  3. How can you word your learning goal more specifically?
  4. How can you measure that goal?
  5. How can you word this goal using positive language?
  6. What’s your ideal idea of you knowing english?
  7. How do you want to use your english skills?
  8. What new skill do you want to learn or develop knowing the language?

  1. What’s working well for you at the moment in learning english?
  2. What isn’t working well at the moment?
  3. What have you done so far to improve things?
  4. What’s the excuse that you have always used for not learning english?
  5. What aspects of your life will be impacted by reaching the above goal?
  6. What is the biggest obstacle that you are facing not knowing english enough?
  7. What are you afraid of not knowing english enough?
  8. What are you passionate about in english?
  9. What are you willing to fight to see your goal become a reality?
  10. Is that a need or a want?

  1. What do you think you should do first to enchance your english skills?
  2. What would be the most helpful thing that you could do now?
  3. If money wasn’t a restriction for you, what would you do to help yourself?
  4. If time wasn’t a restriction for you, what would you do?
  5. What would Tony Robbins do in this situation?
  6. What do you sense God is telling you to do?
  7. If you were guaranteed to succeed, what would you do?
  8. What’s the best use of your time at the moment?
  9. What can you do better than anyone else in the your process of learning?
  10. If you saw someone else in your situation, what would you suggest they do?
  11. If you had 50% more confidence, what would you be doing that would be different?

Way Forward:
  1. What are you going to do in the next 24 hours with your learning?
  2. How committed are you in reaching this goal?
  3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how motivated are you to achieving this goal?
  4. What will it take to turn that 6 into a 9?
  5. Who do you need to speak to about this goal?
  6. How are you going to celebrate reaching your goal?
  7. Whatever your first step is, can you think of anything that might stop you from doing it?
  8. Is there anything else that you need to consider before starting?

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