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 gee, it was good...
Stories of when things go wrong. Really wrong. When you leave the normal realm of human error, fumble, mishap, and mistake and enter the territory of really huge breakdowns. Fiascos. Things go so awry that normal social order collapses.

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Santaland Diaries

The diaries are about David's two Christmas seasons working as an elf in Macy's department store on New York's Herald Square. When it was first broadcast, it generated more requests for tapes than any story in Morning Edition's history except the death of Red Barber (http://www.thisamericanlife.org)

Gloomy day.. what to read...

Gloomy day.. what to read...

who gets the best jobs?


who gets the best jobs?
bbc documentary with Manchester accent 
 (B1 level of english) 

Wanna gift 4 Christmass?

Hunting for Christmass gift for you?

Słownik obrazkowy
polski - angielski


W nowym wydaniu słowników:

* wszystkie tematy zostały zweryfikowane pod kątem ich aktualności;
* wiele grup pojęciowych zostało poszerzonych o kolejne przykłady;
* rozszerzono również opisy dotychczasowych pojęć, (np. smartfon, tablet), a także:
* uwzględniono nowe pojęcia, np. GPS.;
* wiele ilustracji zostało całkowicie przeprojektowanych lub stworzonych od nowa

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Learning Languages online made easy

Wspaniała platforma e-learningowa do nauki angielskiego (raczej początkujące poziomy)

The Wall Street Journal
“Babbel has 15 million users, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel”
The New York Times
“The app I’ve found most powerful”
The Economist

 “Exceptionally good site”                     

Przy wystarczającym sprycie można korzystać za free ;)

Watch a guy push his girlfriend off a cliff !

Watch a guy push his girlfriend off a cliff. click!

NASA launches rocket ... and frog


What does it mean  fabrication? Learn from good exmple... CLICK!

Prince William talks fatherhood

The first interview with the prince after a birth of his son click!

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Keep your ears pricked!

One of my best discoveries, great short movies present the news and ironing your language. Keep your ears pricked! CLICK

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Czyli, co zrobić jak nie wiemy jak słowo angielskie jest używane, czy jest używane i gdzie, bardzo pomocne narzędzie, zwłaszcza w późniejszej przygodzie z angielskim

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Learning Phrasal Verbs may be difficult..not anymore. FAST PHRASALS PRESENTS: CLICK

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As I watched the children speaking with their mothers, I realized that I had been asking the wrong question; Instead of wondering how I should learn Japanese, I should have been asking how Japanese people learn the language. And right there on the playground, from kids still wearing diapers, I discovered the first fluency truth:

You Must Use A Language To Learn A Language

Drew Badger

How to learn the whole bunch of new vocabulary in a short time?
-reach specific texts on your english level, translate them and read over and over again, by this way you will memorize them by a context.
So if you want to pass FCE,CAE or CPE, print all tests from the reading part and off you go!

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do you want to know who owns Skype right now?
what is more popular in the world: facebook or twitter?
what is Instagram like?
what are the newest phones on the market?

GREAT podcasts, C1 level, click to enjoy!
If you see me on a bus with headphones on, it probably means that I listen to it.
It's not personal, it's business... - ADVANCED Vocabulary 

enhance your vocabulary click

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In the spring of 2004, NBC launched what quickly became the number one new show on television. “The Apprentice”, the Emmy-nominated reality show with Donald J. Trump as its star was an instant success. Along with his daughter Ivanka, son Donald Jr., and advisor George Ross, Trump would pit two teams against each other until one candidate earned the privilege of landing a coveted $250,000 a year job with The Trump Organization. 18 candidates would vie for excellence and perform business tasks, dreading the now-famous line, “You’re Fired.” In 2010, Donald Trump brought back the original Apprentice format, this time featuring employment challenged contestants competing for a top-level position within the Trump Organization.
(from: http://www.trump.com/Entertainment/The_Apprentice.asp )
this podcast leaves other ones standing

The Convert

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English for High School students can be interesting and inspiring as well!